Hi wonderful girl,

Your mama has been totally remiss in updating this blog. It seems like the months have had their way with me and now here you are, 13 months old and quickly becoming the most amazing person I know.

You took your first steps the other day. It was March 5th. We were in the library and you were playing with some blocks and some little cars that you could hook up into a chain and drive around. I don't know exactly what you were going for, a toy, a book, maybe me but you took 2 hesitant, teetering steps and then fell on your butt. I just looked at you in astonishment, wanting to yell out "She just walked!" but I was surrounded by strangers so I didn't. But it was amazing. You are amazing. You looked so cool and nonchalant about it all, like you could have done it at anytime but decided it had to wait until that day.

We had your birthday party last month at Granny Mimi and Grandpa Phil's house. We kept it small and pretty grownup. Your friend Gracie was the only other baby there. We ate manicotti, lasagna and homebrew made by your daddy and a delicious salad made by Auntie Mary. You opened a few presents and then we had your blessing ceremony where everyone said aloud a wish they thought of for you and lit a candle. It was very special and sincere and I cherished every second of it.

You have been giving hugs and kisses. Grandma Watts is particularly over the moon about this. I love it too. You've even started giving your teddy bear hugs too which is just too adorable for words. And you know how some people are really crappy at hugs? Like they just give you a little squeeze or a lame pat and then let go? Well you will never be one of those people. You have the sweetest, most perfect embrace.

You say "hi" all the time. It's particularly cute when a stranger says hi to you at the grocery store and you surprise them by saying hi back. Sometimes you and I will go back and forth exchanging "Hi"s for a few minutes. You're so proud of yourself. I'm pretty proud too :)

You say lots of other words too but not very consistently. You like saying "kitty", "dada", "Mama" and "thank you", which sounds like "taykoo".

Whenever music of any kind comes on you light up and start dancing (read: bouncing on your butt). I've even caught you dancing to Brahms. I think I would be remiss in my motherly duties if I didn't enroll you in a music class in the next few months.

You're still a nursing champ. I would even go as far as to say a fiend. You can't be anywhere near me without demanding that I immediately whip out my breast. This is of course annoying but I'm trying to be compassionate. Your teeth have been giving you a real hard time lately and you're reaching out for your favorite comfort. Dear girl, you certainly have taught me a lot about patience and stamina in the last year.

You've started using "no" a lot and your comedic timing with the word is always impeccable. You still shake your head emphatically while saying "nahnahnahnahnah"

Your hair is still blonde as can be and you're finally starting to get those sweet curlyques around your ears. You look like a perfect little Kewpie Doll. 

You love peekaboo or pretty much any game with daddy. He still gets the best smiles from you.

Your newest thing is spitting when you are displeased with something. At first it cracked me up. Now I just roll my eyes and pray that this is a phase you will outgrow. I call you my little stinker all the time and you just giggle and giggle.

I'm going to be better about writing to you more, my love. It's hard when there's so much to do and you need lots of attention and love and kisses. But I do think this blog is important, if only to serve as a reminder someday how in awe I have always been of you.